Tuesday, February 16, 2016

WEBCAM PHOTO POST... also its tuesday... this is whats up so far for this week...

so this week i have... moved my wedding gown try on appointment that was on monday....to thursday and im going by myself because i want to take my time and i am very slow when it comes to looking around.. 
AND cause it was so rainy and booooooo on monday.

today i am baking all the valentine's day goodies i want to bake this past weekend but we were too busy being awesome for me to have time to bake... so i am baking today. i have finished up the laundry today and i will start on the floors if i get the time but if not....p tomorrow i will get on the vacuuming and moping everything.

all my plans are shifted a day but i have buffer days in my schedule at the end of each week so its cool.

friday night we are going to mom and dad's house as soon as stan gets off work
so we can go to mawmaw's 80th birthday party on saturday at noon. it will be so much fun, i just know it!!!!

and then we will come home and do our sunday thing... i hope.. which is chinese and a movie.

also here are some webcam boredom photos i took while i was bored yesterday

this is my new journal with a TIGER AURA CAUSE I AM A TIGER OK 

more after the break yall

this is my new favorite notebook that is a gift from stans mother i will use it t draft blog posts much like this one you are reading now so that i can further micromanage my life in ways that are not harmful #ocdprobs

this is my composition book day journal that i log every single day of mine and stans life in.. mostly my life... but i do add big things from his because he is my life 

you see here the planner in its natural habitat 

you see here the planner is approaching you sideways as to not alarm you of its presence

page flags and post its for DAYSSSS

valentines day week spreaddddd #plannergirlprobs

something i put together with scrap book paper and washi tape and cut out a flower that was on a cardboardbox and it was so pretty and i had to have it and ok thanks its mine now forever obviously i have it look it see

a dash board 

febs #plannergirlprobs

march #plannergirlprobs

april monthly #plannergirlprobs

a very small glimpse at my reading list... that is actually like four pages long

this is the most tame

her name is "Sugar Cooter" but we just call her sugar teehee

i love dis bear 

no idea what is going on here.. dey come out of mah eyezzz

i really hate the moustache thing but ok


"i c wat u did thar"

idek wtf is going on here i am making sweet sweet love to my glasses

i look very strange without my glasses on tbh

glasses are good props for photos, just so everybody knows

also this is for stan because it was vday and i didnt do anything and i am just now baking the obligatory brownies... blow job comes later tonight  #BROWNIESANDABLOWJOB its a thing you know

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