Sunday, February 14, 2016

saw Pink Box Burlesque last night in Tuscaloosa

was freaking AWESOME
its very body positive and inspiring. and i feel better about my own curvy body now that i did before-- i thought i might get sad because it would make me feel fat but it made me feel more.. normal.

I guess I either just got too exhausted or maybe caught a cold or something but I have been really tired yesterday and today. I slept a lot of yesterday. and i DID sleep all of today so far.
I am also really cold. and sweating and cold.

I cant really be arsed to eat anything today despite really really wanting chinese food but hell we just had some last night but not the kind of stuff i really really like but it was still delicious. we were GOING to go to a fancy pants place last night for dinner but they dont do reservations there (though they obviously SHOULD take reservations they had people waiting outside the building in the cold and it was fucking ridiculously packed, so we left and went somewhere faster)

I am kind of mad at myself but i dont think i will be washing any clothes today.
i will do it tomorrow.
tomorrow i am also going to David's Bridal and trying on dresses with one of my bridesmaids. I think, unless she gets too busy. which is ok. I think I can go by myself because they are atleast EXPECTING me to come because i put on my big girl panties and called them and told them i was going to come so its not like i'm walking in by myself and nobody is expecting me to be there... they will be looking for me. so that makes it feel like awkward maybe.

i think i can feel my medicine starting to work but every time i think i do i get another day that i feel like the poops
so i just need to stop thinking about it and let whatever is going to happen go a head and happen

i am getting behind on my book reading i think i feel like i havent finished any books in a long time thought to be fair i did read a lot really fast in january and i did read some shorter female crime sleazy romance novels that are meant to be read in like two days so that is why i got through so much and now my standards are too high.. the other stuff i usually read takes longer and i need to keep reminding myself of that

i am sitting here typing and being amazed at how fast i can type. its pretty freaking sweet and i wish i could get some kind of data entry job where i read off stuff and type it in the computer or maybe listen to stuff via audio and type it in. i have no idea how i could get a job doing that kind of thing without going to school for it or something but god damn, do i really need to take classes to teach me how to type really fast from reading something or hearing it spoken aloud? no i dont. i am just good at it damn it. i mean yes i leave out apostrophes and commas and punctuation a lot but i could easily go back and fix it... the time i save by not trying to get those things in the text the first time around is enough time saved to proofread and fix it later and also i have to proof read anyways to make sure its good so i can do something i am already needing to do plus something else and its fuckng fine

i dont know i need to stop typing now my head is starting to hurt

my wonderful fiance went to the store for me even though he doesnt want to and i fee bad because i asked him to go on his day off i wish i could have went myself but even if i were feeling good i dont have themoney--- he does. and he doesnt want me to do it. so thats that.

my head is killing me ahhh

i hate it when i get randomly sick and tired and have no.... oh wait--- i keep forgetting that i havent taken a multi vitamin in over a week i guess maybe that would be a good thing to help this  i usually take them everyday but i ran out and i havent gotten more yet and now i guess i knows i need to.


this next week is going to be a lot of house cleaning because i feel like i havent been doing it enough and then on saturday my mawmaw is having a birthday party for her 80th birthday!!!! i get to see my family and have fun and yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayyayayayayayayayayayayayayaayyayayayayayayyay.

so i need to make it through the week and get my ass to my parents house friday or something and g saturday and yeah.

thats all i got for now

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