Friday, February 12, 2016

lots is happening in february it seems!

so yeah in february...

we've got the deadpool movie that just came out... on the 13th stan and i are going to have valentines day dinner at a nice italian place and... Bama had her baby!!!!  and
stan and i are going to see a burlesque show at a bar in town and.... NEXT weekend is mawmaw's 80th birthday party

also all my medication changes... yeaaaaah

so pawpaw will be 81 when we get married and my mawmaw will be 80.
i am just praying they hold on long enough to see it.... please please please. its one of my scary intrusive thoughts that my ocd is hammering into my head... that my grandparents will all die before i get married

i am kind of just... rotating through obsessive thoughts all day but... you know-- thats what i've done my whole life and i think maybe someday soon it will stop. i deserve better damn it.

i am eating pizza tonight which is INSANE I AM GOING TO GET FAT AGAIN AHHHH

oh well i have a few months to fix it before the wedding =X lmao
i am so horrible its like a project
get fat
lose weight feel great miss food start eating start over again every few years yep
thats me
eating disorders for life, yo.

or some shit

okay i am going to eat my pizza, journal, and then pick out my outfit for my valentines date tomorrowwwwww
also possibly color in a lisa frank coloring book

the internet here has been going out a lot lately.. boooooo

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