Wednesday, February 17, 2016

and just like that-- i'm sick

note to self: abstain from urge to scope out the dumpsters for stuff people throw away for no reason even though these people here do throw away perfectly good things all the time.
that is the only thing that i have done that could have gotten me the flu or some other kind of thing... my entire body hurts. i dont want to move. i cant do anything but wake up-- eat a little-- fall asleep. write a few sentences in my journal... sleep... wake up pee.. sleep..
yeah i guess now that i think about it i didnt wash my hands promptly... after that. contamination.
and way to go i have legitimate fodder to obsess over things more now woohoo fucking a. sweet as hell. doesnt get any better than this. #ocdprobs

i cant even read.
i can barely write
this is easier than writing because my arm isnt tensed up holding the pen

i dont want to go back to sleep but i dont think i have anything else i can do right now if i stay awake i feel worse and cry more
my temperature is 98.2 which is high for me and i have taken two dayquil doses and an 800 mg ibuprofen. in fact my body temperature increased AFTER taking said things.
so its not getting better... like fighting, i guess. its just sickening... er... more.... wtf i cant word today

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