Friday, January 29, 2016

tgif pizza and movie night

yes yes yes
we are going to try the ALDI version of the marketside pizzas that walmart makes.. its like.. $2-4 cheaper and if they're good thats where we will be getting them from now on

also i got some chocolate pudding for stan to try-- its 19 cents cheaper than anywhere else.  and if its good that is something. also they have their own store brand of those blueberry breakfast biscuits for $1.99 and if those are good i would like to have those for breakfast because they are very filling
also.. they have a package of hotwings that is 14oz for $2.99 and if that is good-- its like...a dollar cheaper per ounce i think than the great value ones in the plastic bags we have been getting

i will do the math to be sure

also a package of cookies that is  $1 at dollar tree and walmart an everywhere else is 89 cents there and if its just a good.. i mean, every little bit counts. and i might not be able to get food stamps anymore after this month so i need to be SUPER FRUGAL HOUSEWIFE OF STEEL
which actually gives me another "project" in hunting down even lower prices and clipping coupons so hey-- maybe this is a good thing. #thinkpositive ok thanks

i'm gonna try not to eat a lot so i can enjoy my pizza this evening

so excitedddd i havent done this yet.. its will be amazing
i dont have any clue what size i wear!!! i havent had a formal gown in ages.. and when i did i was seriously overweight.. i was wearing a 14 my senior year--- it had room for my boobs-- that was the biggest problem... but since this is a wedding dress we will be wanting to actually take the time to get it altered to fit right... so a bigger dress will probably still be needed but we can atleast make it fit properly else where this time... for once lol
my body is weirdly porportioned


i am kind of more excited about the shoes... theres this store going out of business  here and if they have some that are white to be dyed that will work and then get a little embellishments or two brooches that match and there we go.. i want to DIY the fuck out of this wedding ok thanks
i love projects and if im good at this hell-- maybe i could help other people i know who need help with theirs and maybe make some money? who knows. i dunno.. my mind is flying around right now
i need to drink some kava tea and write in my journal and also i have come up with some of the "goals" i was asked to come up with for my therapy sesssions and i need to get those written down before i forget them

ok i need.... stop talking go away... ok lol

okay got some of that done and working on getting some other things sorted

i just washed the dog its 2 oclock i am doing good i think =)
i am going to make something for karen for her bday because she likes my stuff and she also said that bracelets she buys are too big for her because her wrist is small so i can make it for her

okay-- i gave herc a bathhhh and then when i was walking herc i talked to a girl who lives here and she just sits at home bored all day too and she likes dogs and she was checking her mail and  gave me her magazines that she doesnt even read she was going to throw away.. i told her i clip the pictures up and make collages out of them and she was like "oh i like arts and crafts too!"

when she told me her apartment # i was like.. wait... thats where i live just reversed and sure enough... ours  is 1415.... she is in 1514.

i feel really dizzy and confused with all thats happened to a lot has happened today i also hit my head on the freezer door pretty hard and...

after i typed this indian rivers called me to tell me that they are changing how the deliver my latuda and that i wont have to come in and get it anymore-- it will be mailed to us starting in march

okay i am cooking the pizza now and trying to keep my head on straight i feel like everything is going in circles really loud and nothing is happening but i just cant.. shake that... feeling that too much is happening and i missed something i dont know... the feels about not remembering what happened day to day is bad.. i tried to write it all down as best i could and i will do more before i forget i hope

i really really really hope i get to look at wedding dresses tomorrow with mom =X

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