Monday, January 25, 2016

monday jan 25th

i am trying to get back into the swing of updating stuff like my blog and twitter and what not...

i did a lot of grocery shopping earlier and got it out of the way was for cold stuff so i wanted to get it done and be done with it because i cant really shop after getting cold stuff and ... whateeverwhatever

there have been tons of helicopters flying around really low here today is creeping me out a lot i sat near a window and watched one fly by the window over the trees across the parking lot wtf

i started a chore chart for this week

and im cooking tonight and folding clothes and i dunno shit is happening and i just need to keep going even though im sad
but the ocd shit is not any better yet because we havent got the meds yet because... well we havent run out of the ones from this time yet and i dont know it just seems stupid to get them filled when i dont need the rest of them and i dont know.. i like having them all filled at the same time so its easier to remember and if i just get one filled and not the rest it will be hard to remember and one of my fears is not being able to remmeber things and omg ok i talking in a circle

i just went back to the store for more stuff

yay yayayayayayay

i am excited about cooking tonight

aaaand its now 7pm and i have cooked and it was delicious
simple hamburger helper i didnt even do anything but follow directions and add extra italian seasoning and garlic powder blah

there is a music band thing that i might get to go to this week and hear music and people i know will be playing and yay

im starting to transition into my fauxdori

i am reading random thriller crime novels by women who write book after book after book... lol.... i think this might be my new thing... ITS SO HORRIBLE.  i love it

i need to write in my paper journal now so this has to stop..  

atleast i updateddd

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