Monday, January 18, 2016

jan 18, 2016

today was... laundry day and trash day and i did all that and i also baby sat Mac's kitty
he is a handsome little man, isn't he? =3

my cousin and his wife have moved out here near Cottondale and that is like... 5 mins from here? yeah, so.. maybe i will get to have a friend soon... and they have kids-- little boys.. so i can get a feel for that cause WE REALLY NEED TO HAVE A LITTLE BOY OK..

oh yeah, the baby thing.

its gonna happen someday
there are tons of people who shouldn't have BREED that do--- why cant i have a kid if i want one. its not fair. so fuck it. im having a baby.. hopefully a boy... end of story. he will be a little norse viking and he will be mighty.

i have started micro managing  my chores in a different way-- using a kids chore sheet from dollar tree that i got a while back and will probably get more..... lol

 and that will be good because i am going t try and pull away from the big leather planner and just.. have the day journal in composition notebooks and the fauxdori month calendar to set dates and all the journaly artsty note taking thing in it..  the leather planner will be the base reference i guess i will leave it here all the time...i am working on a place to keep it so that it can stay out and just lay there so i can reference it at whim

tomorrow i have to go get my new medication script from the crazy people place and maybe this stuff for OCD will make life easier to live

i dont know i just... maybe someday... you know?

uh anyway

its gonna be cold tonight and i am wearing three pairs of socks and a sweat shirt to bed and i don care i like it cold

i thought i would have more to say but i guess i don't =(
i started my new journal--- it has a Dali print on it and i love it

i dunno imma go do something else now

lol i wish

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