Monday, January 11, 2016

back to the housewife weekly grind

i got lots of stuff done today!!!!

but i dont wanna talk about it...

well, okay maybe...

random things:
stan got me lavender scented spic&span cleaner and it is THE BEES KNEES

I have made a fauxdori travelers notebook from a plastic placemat and elastics and i am making my own inserts with soft spined notebooks and i am so excited because this is completely customizable in every way .... my big leather planner is going to be a stay at home house work house wife planner thing... THIS fauxdori is for on the go.. will only have monthly calendar to take down dates and appointments (that i will transfer to my home planner when i get home) this is also going to be where i doodle and try to write some poetry again... also going to do some of the wedding planning in there because its easier to carry than my big wedding planer binder...

here is my favorite #plannergirl THERESETGIRL giving us the low down on the midori

i took down the xmas lights finally lol and put away all the stuff and i cleaned up the livingroom though---- sadly, to do so i had to take stans stuff by the couch and pile it in the bedroom on the recliner but its stuff that needs to be put away and sorted so... maybe this will help, i've carried it to closer to where it needs to go

i did all that because, of course, tomorrow is tuesday and that is FLOOR DAY.... dust sweep mop vacuum 

i will update tomorrow about more stuff.... its gonna be hard to get back into the swing of this lolol

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