Tuesday, December 1, 2015

yay its december finallyyyyyy ---- totally awesome tuesdayyyyyy

happy holidays motha fuckas

today i have to put my big girl panties on and call the mental health clinic and see when i can come in or if they just need me to walk in and whatever i dont know i just want to get this done as quickly as possible

also today i have to cram dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and... cat box cleaning and.. i really need to wash the bed sheets and blankets =X atleast the washer and dryer does most of that lol

I have found myself nostalgic and already missing that scifi book "the dark beyond the stars" i wish i could read more that were very similar to it, and i probably will.. i just have to look them up and see what they are and track them down.. hopefully the TPL will have some stuff.
I also decided that come January I want to start reading all the Harry Potter books because I never did. And i am ashamed that I never did. and i am pretty sure i can knock them out pretty fast and bulk up my total for books read in 2016. which i plan on upping to 60 books. since i will be start in january and not halfway through the year.

i tried calling IR over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and yes i just typed that word manually all those times perfectly i did not copy paste i am fucking awesome as hell

i am so angry that i think the littlest thing is going to set me off and i really dont want to do that... so intead of vacuuming and dusting and shit i am sitting here ... 
mostly just staring at shit
and eating apples

in the mean time.... on facebook---

Stan Ingold: then just take some time, read, watch something, chill a little bit
Tabitha Leigh Reynolds: read, watch something, chill a little bit, eat all the little debbie cakes, kick a wall, toss a chair, you know the usual
i am joking i hope you know
Stan Ingold: minus the kicking and tossing
Tabitha Leigh Reynolds: can i flip a table -- just one table-- please
Stan Ingold: one of the little ones in the living room
Tabitha Leigh Reynolds: woooooooooo

i'm sorry but its the little things that make me smile.

i am seriously considering finishing this last season of Pretty Little Liars that's on Netflix. I need to check on the filming of the new stuff i hope they havent decided to cancel.. that will break my little heart

I VACUUMEDDDDD kind of... half assed but like.. 85% good lol... 
and i took a bath and shaved my legs kind of. but not really good just enough to make it tolerable... its not like im wearing shorts anywhere but in the house.

okay i finished PLL and they definitely have left it open for more and they better get on that shit
its been raining ALLL FUCKING DAYYYYYY and now its thundering oooooooooo 

i talked to old friend today and today was okay despite the crap this morning.... 

I am going to go down to IR when I get my latuda later this week and throw a cray cray white girl fit and get my shit taken care of

right now i have a really bad headache but i dont want to go to bed so i am sitting here squinting at the screen and complaining about having a headache
you know #sameshitdifferentday

Mac, Stan's friend, bought our tickets for STARWARS and now all we have to do is be there on December 17th because YES THEY ARE SHOWING IT THE NIGHT BEFORE AND WE ARE GOING OMG OMG YAY

my skull hurts

skullssssssssss and bones and bones and skulls and bones and i dont even know what i am saying hi

keep reading for more gifs =3


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