Wednesday, December 9, 2015

wednesday blah day cant wait till friday

actually today has been pretty good
i got up and did the morning routine and then washed dishes and wiped down the counter and tidyd up the bathroom counter a tiny bit but probably not enough to notice...

i went to the thrift store and bought things for myself and i shouldnt have done that because i need to save my money for important things... i dont know when i will get more money.. maybe never

i came home and made a necklace and started up the beginnings of the other one... and then i got in the shower and i didnt WANT TO GET OUT IT FELT SO GOOD
can i just have an endless supply of hot water and sit there for a few hours please.. it felt like heaven

after that i.... well, i moisturized! hard core! lots of cocoa butter  lotion.... i smell like chocolate

i just got on the bike for like.. three minutes... i would have done longer but my mp3 player was dead dead dead and i got bored
its charged now and i will get back on it again later i think
it felt good to exercise.. i had a bit of trouble breathing for  a while  after wards but i got it under control and the longer slow breaths calmed me down

i want to badly to finish this book ughhh its taking forever and i dont even know why

oh yay i just finished it woooo

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