Tuesday, December 8, 2015

tuesday december whatever idgaf im tired lol

i really need to take some extra b vitamins and remember to eat protein.. i think i need it for the holidays
i always felt better when i ate chicken at night-- the next day always seemed easier
i have this turkey here but it makes me SLEEPYYYY

i ate a candy bar today LE GASP it was a ZERO BAR AND IT WAS MAGINIFICENT
it was only 400 calories though
and i had eaten nothing but yogurt before that... so it was my lunch
my snacks today are cheese its and apples... like three apples... they are really tiny though... so good... i have to eat them before they go bad... i hate wasting food it drives me insane...
i need to write down a list of my little ticks/ocd symptoms weird shit... i need stan to help me.. i know writing them down and acknowledging them is going to be important.. and making changes to fix the ones that hinder and hurt my quality of life is the step i need to take... along with changing meds... and also getting on disability
i cleaned out my therapy binder and its ready for going back to therapy in january

i am trying to get my shit together for the holidaze in general and i am failing miserably i still need to sort all my god damn jewelry before we go to KY

i am really glad we might be getting a hotel room because that will feel clean and new and have less clutter to mess with my energy...
it will be calming to sleep in a bare room and i need that while we are doing all this stuff

i am now attempting to finish this book im reading i hope i can do it tonight... i need to get another one down dang it

i dont think i will finish this book tonight.. sigh
i wish i could read faster but i dont want to speed read and not remember shit that makes me sad =/

i ate three apples earlier, right? well my stomach has been going nuts ever since lol reallly weird and gross and do not want

i want to sleep.....i am so tired all the damn time its not fair

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