Tuesday, December 15, 2015

today has been insane

i got up and vacuumed and swept and mopped all before 9:30am or so

then i went to the mall *le gasp* and sent $20 of my $50 gift card on.. 3 slouchie beanie hats in more colors and 2 sets of bracelets and a pair of a earrings... yeah

then i went to target and hit the dollarspot area... i got three things of page flags-- each is different... a cute floral sticky note thing that i had wanted before but wouldnt let myself have. i also got some mechanical pencils because i am down to just two and i keep almost losing them.. i need them for my food log lol
andddd i got some Darth vader socks to replace the ones i sent to Karen..
then i went to dollar general next to the thrift store and bought like FOUR LIST PADS they were AWESOME ok totally worth it-- i might gift them to people .. i will take photos soon

then i went to dollar tree and walked around forever and picked out a pair of pants that are slightly too small but i will lose weight to make them fit and then i will be done..
my goal jeans ended up fitting me sooner than i planned so i had to do something.. and i wasnt about to spend a fuckton on jeans... i spent $2.99 lol yayayay

this morning Stan went by the post office
and stood in line and he had to wait for ever and i fell really bad.. really really badddd..
but atleast the shipping wasnt as much as i thought it would be!!

now i will wait to see how happy Karen is when she gets it.. i hope she likes it.. i wish i could have sent so so so so much more.. i might send more later. i just have so many people... i dont know... ahhhh my brain is exploding

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