Thursday, December 3, 2015

thursday is almost friday which is Stan and mines shopping dayyy

i went and actually bought myself some much needed clothes.. though they seem redundant but I layer my clothes so i need camisoles under my shirts and i like to match and they are $2 a pop at walmart so i got almost every color.... except the ones that i really have no need for ever.

i got a second black one because i wear black the most. and i got a cream colored one to wear with the stuff that is brown sometimes instead of the white white one... its just a softer color

i got two shirts and one of them costed more than the other because its thicker and better made .. i didnt get the ones that i thought i would because when i looked at them i didnt see me wearing them much except for december so i decided not to waste money on clothes i wouldnt wanna wear year round

so i got stuff that is not holiday oriented

i am so excited about coming back to Kentucky for a third time (on dec 22nd) this christmas I am already making outfits and packing some of them because i know i wont be wearing them here, i have no where to wear these clothes ... i dont do anything or go anywhere.. its like an adventure!!! and i get to dress cute for DAYSSS. I will get to wear ALL MY SCARVES AND HATS AND BOOTS AND I might pack my skirts and tights and heels cause i love ittttttt OMG SO EXCITED TO SEE EVERYBODY. I hope I can handle my anxiety =X its been pretty bad lately =( but planning ahead and getting a schedule of events is the only way to make it better for me... so... yeah.. planning outfits helps too, in a way, DANG IT ..... yeah sometimes i am a girly girl. usually only in the fall when its cold. in the summer i am too hot and sweaty to care about what i look clothes wise... but

uhhhh i also refurbished and decorated a $1 planner from dollar tree with duct tape and other tape and post its and yeah... i am addicted to this shit lol

today just went all to hell over some trivial shit dealing with food portions and my eating disorder making me insane and i just didnt eat at all. it was easier than trying to and being upset about not knowing how many calories because i dont have a food scale

but that gave me time to zone out and star at the wall and reboot

and then i read the rest of "A ring of endless light"

that book made me me... along with the dark is rising.. i think that "support your local wizard" book that i read of dad's is going to be the same way.. i gotta get it next time we are up there... i have so many books to read so many many bookkkkks

my head hurts and i have to find something to eat so i can take my meds and sleep ughhh

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