Wednesday, December 2, 2015

is it hump day already

i am not with it at all today

but i did buy some christmas stuff and that makes me very happy

i just had a shit fit because instagram flipped out and wouldnt let me use it so i un install and re install and its fine... fucking IG.... conspiracy shit i bet they are i don tknow.. whatever

lol jk im not that paranoid

these garlic parmesan triscuits are my new fav cracker... they are worth the extra money imo... they takes so much better andd i dont know they are just superior

tomorrow i might go by indian rivers or just wait until monday.. i think i will call and see if the pharmacy will definitely be open on monday and then decide because i HAVE to get my latuda on monday- its the last day i of what i have

i need to get off my ass and do chores. i want to read but i procrastinated so much i have to start doing shit ok thank i need to be a good house wife maybe santa will give me lots of lovin this christmas .... and i dont mean gifts lololol sorry i think my sex drive is coming back a bit and its very exciting... =X

the rain is gone but no sunshine just yettt

oh right the chores brb
i did lots of choresssssss yayayayayay
and we got some of this weekends planning laid out

and talked about christmas gifts for people

now i am taking stock in my books to read and i am very pleasedddd
so here are photos of my planner and plannergoodies and books i plan to read and what notttt
also bookmarks from my awesome friend Karen yayayayayayay they are the best bookmarks too!

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