Friday, December 4, 2015

fantastic friday -- xmas shopping errands etc

 fantastic friday, bitches! 

today we hit the stores and get goodies for our friends and family because this is the only chance we will get to go out and do this before the ~*holidaze chaos*~ sets in.

yes i am playing with fonts and colors a little bit... get off me i love it

right now i am about to try and walk the dog, eat a bite, hop in the shower real quick (lol me.. a quick shower. does not compute) and get pretty and then i have to wake stan up before 9am because he doesnt wanna sleep past 9 am

after he gets ready we are going to the front office to renew the lease on the apartment another year. the place isnt that bad and i dont want to go through moving until we have gotten married and have everything squared away plus we need time to find a trailer and get perk tests for septic tank on family land etc etc etc.

random note: miss lilly has decided to act more like a basic kitty and she is sitting on my notebooks and books like.. "hello why are you not paying attention to me what are you doing"
so cute and so frustrating

okay okayokay i gotta get rolling. 
maybe i can get stan to take a photo (a good tabitha approved photo that is) of my outfit today because i want to dress up and it would be nice to post an outfit of the day on Instagram lol

out of shower... eating apples and aboug to dry my hair. want to find a place i can eat out today without losing my mind so we can have a legit date day =X gonna try really hard ok thanks
 we are going to see Brian's parents and talk to them and stuff around noon... =( an then going to eat

today we have to get some shopping done for xmas or we will never get it done!!!
and this weekend we need to sign christmas cards!!!!! like A LOT OF THEM. IMMEDIATELY. im starting to panic inside really bad. signing them is the part we can do ahead of time-- the rest we will do when we give them out... since they are all going to be the same
next  weekend we will go to my parents house for our little xmas and we need to use their computer to print the save the dates to put in the cards and then we will be set. i just have to remember to get that done while we are there. luckily the file is saved on my google drive so i can get it anywhere #googleowns

ok hair dry time i guess

ok my outfit is fucking sweeeeeeeeet i wish i could get  a good photo of it maybe by the end of the day  i will

ok we got back early from shopping and  had to crash i dont know what thefuck happened but i was so tired i coulnt move or talk i have been asleep for like... four hours straight and woke up just now... i have to take my medcine but after that i am done.. my head feels like its going to explode.headache.

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