Monday, December 7, 2015

a week closer to holiday vacationnnn ---monday monday monday dec 7 2015

this week i have a lot to do but also not a lot to do... i guess you could say that the stuff i have to do is potentially mentally and emotionally stressful. especially today.. and.. if i have to go back to Indian Rivers.. i dont know... i am scared to death of this whole.... ordeal

this week i need to clean, bake on thursday for the weekend.. make a necklace or two.... wrap gifts for the weekend... ummm.... try not to eat everything in the house because i am a fat ass piece of shit

i need to finish this book an start another one ASAP because i'm startng to think there is no way in hell i am going to meet my book challenge goal =X


okay so i went to IR and found out some stuff... its way too complicated to type out and i need to save my energy explaining it for when i tell Stan later... i went there and then went to the store for a bit but ... well, dollar trees bathroom isnt working AGAIN and i had to leave there because it was either leave and go pee somewhere or piss myself.. so i didnt get anything i was need to at dollar tree which was going to be the stuff to wrap presents and shit... fun. i am buying this shit with MY christmas money. that is supposed to be for ME
love my life man

i came home and ate some turkey that has been in the fridge since thanksgiving and promply PASSED THE FUCK OUT. does tryptophan work in turkey thats been cooked and saved up like that? i dont know but it was the best sleep.. i think i will start eating it with my latuda so i can go to bed!!! lol

i am still really sleepy...the IR trip was really hard for me... i talked to a therapist... a new person i've never met... and i cried and told things that i didnt want to tell
i am going to have my meds changed and shit again soon but its for OCD this time
i dunno
i want to sleeeeeep so tired i feel like the life is just gone from me

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