Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 has been a good year

I got engaged this year, I did my first arts and crafts festival. I lost weight I.. read a lot of books. I spent my year with the most amazing man I've ever met and I can't wait for 2016--- because in 2016 I become Mrs. Ingold


The christmas vacay was okay and not okay buy also okay.
with my anxiety and ocd being as bad as its gotten i couldn't really ask for much more.
I have an appointment with my new therapist on jan 6th
and a week or two after that I see my psych but i have a feeling they might want me to come in and try to see her earlier than that because of how bad off i am.

its weird to be happy and so very not happy at the same time.

if i could stay home and avoid the world and not have to talk to anybody when i did go out i would be fine.
but thats not how the world works

i am sick today.. and got sick on the way home last night... i went to bed trying not to vomit and it wasnt indigestion related it was.. i guess it was cold/flu related but i dont think i have the flu because i have been able to get up and move around too much

i went and got lilly this morning from mom and dadas and she is at home and we are both glad she is here. and she is glad too. we missed our baby

i am reading Pride and Prejudice and also a book on symbolism and hidden meaning in everything

I'm almost done with this green journal and stan got me a new one to use next while we were in KY.. it has a print of a Dali painting on it so I am really excited about it.. i will post photos of it when i start to use it

I cleaned up my planner and took out the xmas vacay pages and most of december and it is a tad bit slimmer but then i added february and made it bulky again lol

projects for 2016???
--read 50 books
--lose 15 more pounds (i gained like.. 4 on vacation so blah)
--journal everyday
--keep doing my daily log and planner
--stay in therapy
--eat more fruit and less crackers/pretzels
--write to Karen via snail mail again
--keep up with my online friends more
--go to the NHS band alumni gatherings and try to socialize (keep in mind that these people are people i've known for years and i should not be afraid of them)
--do some art journaling to relax
--color in my coloring books that i have so many of!!!!!
-- visit my cousin April and other family members that i never get to see but love so much
--get back in touch with Julie and Jess
--get back in touch with some people from the old days just to check on them and see how they're doing because, as usual, i still care about everyone ever. even if they dont like me. its one of my biggest flaws i think.

i am getting drowsy again

so i guess i will go...

lol i havent even taken my latuda yet and im falling asleep


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