Sunday, November 15, 2015

What a weekend... nov 14-15, 2015

So... this weekends theme is REST AND RELAX. especially for Stan but we did a lot of stuff yesterday!!!! and I think I was way more exhausted than he was hahaha

on saturday we went to Five Guys for lunch. Stan got a huge amazing burger of some sort--
i dont even know what kind lol... the best thing was the side of cajun fries.... I took my own ranch dressing so I could eat them. they are sooo hot and spicy but soooo good.

then we went to ALDI and got some more applesand looked around... decided that for our purposes the meat really isnt any cheaper though it might be better quality.. however-- the canned good and produce and other stuff are definitely worth going there for and i will be getting our milk, OJ, apples, canned green beans, corn, potatoes, wheat bread, etc from there exclusively from now on.

then we went to World Market and looked at the awesome stuff and decided we would be going there again for some christmas gifts and other things.

I was tired after that so I stayed in the car while Stan went to Belk and got some more pants and then we went to Walmart and he got me some panties and three camisole under shirts that i have needed badly for a while and never gotten. they were really cheap too.. just $1.98 a piece and that is fucking great

we came home and i pretty much just crashed and went to sleep. like.. i woke up to eat and take my latuda but i was so tired. omgg

and today i woke up at the butt crack of dawn because my body is on a schedule and it needs to stay that way so i'm awake at 6:30am.. do some stuff.. take my meds which, now that i have less body mass-- are feeling a lot stronger than they were. which is fine i kind of like it honestly.. it means i know they are for real getting in my blood stream.  but they make me drowsy for about two hours

on the weekend it doesnt matter but during the week i am going to have to do everything i plan to do and try and get stuff out of the way just incase i fall asleep.. which is okay.. i mean i can just shift my chores to the afternoon and not have that free time for reading or whatever.. but i dont like that i want to be awake the whole day if i can.. i feel like a lazy piece of shit if i take naps

and sooooo sunday

today has been lazy day
started laundry and i dunno what else

i am so tired right now i dont even.. blaaah
i walked the dog. unloaded the dishwasher, planned next weeks meals (or most of them)
im sorting through and organizing some more of my clothes...

okay wow so... our dryer just quit working so we are.. kind of unable to do laundry now until we get new washer and dryer (the washer was going out anyways, i think)
Stans clothes are dry (i had already dried them twice before it stopped working)
but i dont think he believes they are because he is weird about his clothes and idek what the fuck ever

 i just hung the towels up around the apartment so they can dry because i had already put them through the wash with the intention of drying them first thing tomorrow morning after giving stan his pants

haha and like 5 mins after i typed that i tried the dryer again just on a whim and it started right up... wtffff
thats it yall im eating some food, taking my latuda and going to read and hopefully finish this book tonight and fall asleep...

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