Wednesday, November 18, 2015

wet wednesday!!!! nov 18, 2015

so much rainnnnn omgggg  and i feel horrible because stans black umbrella was in my car and my pink one was in the house and he took my pink one.. i told him i would go get the black one but he wouldnt let me go out in the rain for that now i feel like a bad housewife =( my man is gonna be using a pink black and white flourish design umbrella =(  im so sorry babyyyyy =(

i woke up at 5:30 am with a severe headache so i took two ibuprofen and drank some warm soy milk tea and dozed back off... and when stan got up as his time it was gone.. i am so glad i got up and took care of my headache because it was really really really bad. almost migraine... it was on one side and i felt nauseated.. i guess it WAS a migraine. i dont know.. i might come back if it was... i just caught it early..
i  dunnooo

im eating a carton of frozen non fat peach yogurt.. its just as good as fruity ice cream and way better for you... just put your yogurt in the freezer and be ready to scrape the soft melting outer part and eat it slowly... its so good and takes a long time to eat and yay


after this i am scrubbing the shower/tub i've already got some spray sitting on it and i will put on some old shoes so i dont have to stand in cleaning stuff and get in there and scrub it.. i cant stand outside and do it because i am so short i cant reach and balance lol so i have to stand inside the tub and the chemicals make my feet peel and burn and its weird and yeah i learned that the hard way

today is going to be a cleaning day and sorting jewelry day
maybe signing parts of christmas cards day

and also reading books with warm tea day
because its hella book reading fleece blanket wearing coffee/tea drinking daytime nap taking weather
i just need to get my weekly chores done before i let myself indulge in the feelings of the day =P

i scrubbed the tub and got so tired after that i dozed for a few hours... off and on.. and read.. and dozed..

this weather is also making very hungryyyy which is BADD BADBADBADBADBADBADBADBAD
i cant stop eating and omg i'm gonna gain all this weight back and wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf

also i kind of dozed off for hours today.. and woke up just now and im taking my meds because im not sure i will remember or be awake to take them later... and yeah.. Zzzzzzzzz fuck you rain

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