Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday.... Tea tuesday seems like a good one to have, doesnt it? =P

so today i will drink a lot of tea just cause i wanna do some kind of theme something with each day now... #thelittlethings

i will start with vanilla caramel black tea with soy milk
and mid afternoon almost dinner (think 3:33 pm?) i will have some peppermint tea
and after dinner i will make some celestial seasonings Sleepytime tea because i havent had any in a long time and i forgot we had it and it will help me sleepys

today i plan to do the following, might not get to all of it though--

  • vacuum the apartment
  • take out the kitchen trash
  • hang up Stan's clothes
  • sort my necklaces back into individual baggies
  • sweep bathroom kind of but not all the way
  • look up simple recipe for cooking sweet potatoes =) since my mom gave me some. yum yum yum i'm pretty sure i know what to do already but i just wanna make sure and see what other people do also
  • give Herc a bath

okay i have to go make lunch box now and do other wifely things
updating all day as usual...

its 12:12 pm
we are having pork chops and english peas and mac and cheese for dinner.. or Stan is.. lol. i dont think i will be eating any of it. no thanks. i'm too fat.
 i have already vacuumed and did some extra cleaning such as dusting and such. i dont think i need to do laundry today i got most of everything washed yesterday honestly.
i really do need to give Herc a bath but i just wore myself out vacuuming... i did a lot of getting on my hands and knees and into corners and under stuff with the hand tool extension thing to suck up stuff like you know.. cat liter and what not.

okay i snuck to the store and bought some xmas stuff and a good bit of house cleaning home keeping stuff and now i am out of cash =X lol
and i mean for real out of cash
if something comes up i am fucked
this wouldnt happen so often if i would make stan go to the store with me to get cleaning stuff for the house but he is always tired and i dont want to make him walk around...

i didnt eat much today and i am glad because i am not losing any more weight and that is not ok. i am not done yet damn it

okay i am trying to read its 10:30 almost and i am falling sleep so Zzzzzzzz

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