Tuesday, November 3, 2015

tuesday nov 3 2015

i slept really hard last night between my the times i woke up.
i feel really refreshed and better on the energy front.
i have a lot of chores to do today and i hope i get everything done and have time to relax
they are hiring NEW management here at the apartment complex and the guy is going to LIVE ON SITE so that will be interesting.. there will be a quick resolution to domestic disputes and loitering and shady behavior.
i am kind of happy.. like... more than kind of happy.
im going to eat my yogurt and then vacuum the apartment.
(10:13 pm)
okay i ended up vacuuming and cleaning the toilet and the sink/counter/mirror in the bathroom. and i took two of our broken vacuum cleaners to the maintenance guys and they will either fix and use or throw them out whatever they want its out of the office and not taking up space.
the next thing ineed to do is sweep the kitchen floor and mop and then scrub the tub
but i think i will scrub the tub today and save the floors for tomorrow
im getting really antsy so i will probably try the exercise bike and see if it helps my anxiety today because if not im gonna have to go somewhere and do something im getting batty

ffff i ended up going somewhere. i got more popsicles and i got stan some more spaghettios and those cheddar fries and some cookies for his lunchbox (different cookies, hope he likes them they were a super huge pack for $1.84 or some such

i never did scrub the tub but i sprayed it down with water and bleach-- so very diluted bleach and it took out some mildew stain and of course water and bleach just evaporate pretty much but i will turn the shower on and rinse down the walls just to be safe ...
i will spray something else on there and actually scrub it tomorrow.

i want to do the floor in in the kitchen with one fell swoop or whatever they say... sweep and mop and be done with it. i dont feel like the floor will ever get clean with what i have to clean it.. it needs to be properly scrubbed the fuck down...  i will have to do it on my hands and knees with a brush.. but for now i need to get some of it up so its not so much when i do go at it with the brush because i will have to clean that thing out in a bucket i guess and thats going to really gross me out as the water gets nasty =( ugh i hate that... eventually you are rinsing and washing with dirty water like.. okay.. wtf.. i might come up with another way around this using two containers one of clean cleaning product and water and the other of water thats rinsing water... yeah... that seems better

but first i have to get all the dust and pet hair off the floor in there because god knows we have a lot of pet hair lololol  okay i need to take this dog outside and... probably eat something??? idk

aaaand now
... its 8:30 and i am tired but not wanting to sleep. but i will go to sleep soon i think...

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