Tuesday, November 24, 2015

totally taxing tuesday nov 23, 2015

taxing as in exhausting.
so much to do.

okay so i have already taken my meds, made lunch box, walked herc, saw stan off to work.
and i have went shopping and had to buy an insanely huge bag of cat litter and i didnt want to but the small bags were sold out in two different stores so wtf

i also got stan some candy and sweet things
i got myself deoderant and astringent and soap
and hand soap for the house cause it was a huge ass bottle for really cheap and it was a refill bottle for dispensers so its cool.. its also got lotion stuff in it which i need for my old lady dry dishwashing hands

the cat litter is 25 pounds and so heavy and i am so fucking exhausted and i havent even gotten it out of the car yet!
i dont think i will be vacuuming today... the floors arent that bad and we wont be here most of this week anyway

so fuck that shit

its 11 am and i am DONE so fucking tired and i have so much to do before thursday and even on thursday and wtfff being a house wife around the holidays is HARD WORK i need a raise lmao =P


its 2:30 and i have.. change the catbox, seasoned the porkchops for dinner and put the rest away and also seasoned them.. wrote down some packing things for this week because i started panicking because i am afraid i am going to forget something when i leave buttttt
stan is leaving after me later in the day and he can bring anything i forget!! isnt that awesome.. maybe we should do this more.. we ALWAYS FORGET SOMETHING
its like planning for the fail. lmao

I am about to clean up Mac's utility room cause Murph likes to knock his water over and spill it every single day

okay so the floor of macs utility room is... dry and crusted over with.... whatever was in the water when it dried.. i didnt wanna completely mop the thing so i just tidy'd up and fed the cat and played with him and gave him some of Lilly's yarn and left.
I came back here.. got the clothes out of the dryer and my bood sugar crashed so bad that i passed out for a second and the jerks back and i apparently cried at the same time i dont know.. anyways..
and i have been laying on the bed with the deskfan blowing on me, drinking water and eating animal crackers..

i am pooped and i need to plan everything for this week before i go insane andi have to COOK TONIGHT TOO SERIOUSLY I LOVE THIS BEING BUSY THING BUT THE HOLIDAYS ARE LIKE... DA FUCK


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