Sunday, November 29, 2015

sundayyyyy finally home yay

thanksgiving was wonderful. i took the risk and ate food that i didnt plan on letting myself eat
i gained like three pounds... maybe 4 at the most.
i guess that is going to have to be okay. theres nothing i can do about it now

i am going to make myself busy busy busy and try also to get on the exercise bike a few times this coming week

I went to Bama's baby shower on saturday and it was very small ... I guess people decided to watch the FB game instead.. lol. cant say i blame them.. but I wanted to support Bama (and Amber, who hosted the shower) because they have been very supportive of me and Stan and my deciding to have a wedding and all that so thats what family does and I love them.

there were like. 6 little boys running around outside the house at the shower... so many kidssssss and theres about to be another little boy haha
and then hopefully another when Stan and I get to baby making mode.
I hope.

i felt like shit on saturday and fought it off to go to the shower and came home and ate and went to bed at like... 4pm?
i dunno... i needed to sleep. i pulled muscles in my entire body trying to pop stuff in my back and stretch out muscles and yeah.. leave it to me to seriously  pull muscles while doing next to nothing
i hurts really bad.. i felt of my back on the right side and the area covering the shoulder blade on that side was swollen up like.. almost two inches higher than the left side. i think I let Stan massage it and press on it too hard, i dont know.. it hurt-- then felt good.. when he did whatever he did.. and then it felt worse
i did carry a LOT of heavy things this past week--- my books and suitcase and Lilly's carrier and all the stuff.. i dont know

I am so glad to be home.. i miss my routine and schedule and I hate being around so much fucking food

i dug in my closet an found photos from highschool band.. its insane to see how much different i looked... i really had no idea that my hair being parted that way was so unflattering.. i think it wouldnt have been so bad if i had did something different with my hair.. but i didnt really give a fuck back then, i guess. i dont know..

i have to try and get the clothes in the dryer and done tonight
and also i guess i have to cook for Stan... i really just want to lay here and read a book though... 

i'm still so very tired
i dont know what or why
i guess holidays are over whelming

this next week... gotta get some crazy person poor person stuff taken care of.. hopefully nobody will give me the run around i will freak the fuck out on them i swear.. ugh

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