Sunday, November 22, 2015

sunday is planning dayyyy

so i get up today and do lots of house work and plan the next weeks events as much as i can.... the meals, the shopping, the errands, the phone calls, the chores, the whatevers... basic housewife shit that totally makes my day and i kind of get off on the planning

today i have made a detailed checklist for grocery shopping with items divided into the stores at which i will get them, or attempt to--- then defer to the next cheapest place for purchasing if they arent in stock at the lowest place.

if something is 5 or more cents cheaper at AlDI i will be getting it at ALDI from now on and this is very exciting.. though i have one hurdle-- the cold foods. i need a cooler in my trunk to keep stuff cold while i finish my shopping. so this is irritating. the cooler we do have is at my parents house so it is of no use to me and that makes me a tad bit angry. okay a lot a bit angry. the other option was stan's lunchbox but he is using is tomorrow... there WAS a styrofoam cooler his mom sent with us back from kentucky but i dont know what the fuck happened to it--- i had to hide it from Miss Lilly because she wanted to shred it into tiny little pieces of foam with her claws lol

i had some nice cream of celery with mushroom soup last night and it was a condensed soup and i didnt really water it down enough because i wanted to eat the whole can by i didnt want to have to eat THREE BOWLS OF IT and it was a thicker soup with less water. that being said... the amount of sodium i ingested has literally made me retain 2.5 lbs of water weight. i shit you not. and my legs are doing that weird thing where if you press on them there an indention in my skin that stays for a while.. yeah.

other weird health things? i woke up at 2am to try and poop and it took me two hours of straining to make any. lots of fucking pain. cramping. i was crying at one point. shit sucks man. and today i am still hurting like i need to go... or its my period cramps. i really cant tell the different when they're both really bad at the same time. and also i think i saw traces of blood in my stool just a few minutes ago but it was bright red meaning it is from the lower end of the digestive tract... and might just be from all the effort of trying to pass things early this morning (i hope) and that it goes away i hope that ... because if its just... i dont even know what to do... i cant go to the doctor... i would probably just let it keep going and see if i get sick?? or die? i dont know what all that crap is down there i dont have any idea about how all that stuff in my abdomen works i just know it makes a lot of weird squelchy noises and i can hear stuff moving around in there a lot... its not stomach hungry growling... its poop screaming let me out ok thanks.

i need to do more productive things but i am in pain and laying on my stomach because the pressure on my abdomen feels wonderful amongst the cramping

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