Saturday, November 7, 2015

soaking rainy saturday but we gonna have fun anywaysss

i've packed up everything and i'm going to get in the shower and head out to my parents house in a bit.
we wanted to use the firepit and have roasted marshmallows and hot dogs and stuff and watch the game outside but noooooooo... yet again the weather has decided to ruin our plans... booo

my grandparents were supposed to come up by the house today but i think they might be cancelling on us but thats ok... nana does that a lot... she is like me.. her mind just goes all over the place and its hard to do stuff sometimes.

ok shower now. i will not really have internet until i get to my parents house.. the data on our cell phones is way over the 15GB limit.. past 16 even... thanks to my brother. we get charge $15 for ever 1GB we go over so this is not fun. they are going to shut his data off because of this... its nor fair to the rest of us.. the knows its him because they get a detailed report of the data usage.


i shower now... will update on my phone i guess when i get to my parents house.. yay for blogger app


This is saturday... I am composing this blog entry offline... And will be uploading It later.... Sooo I get to ramble In a note pad file... Sooo

So I can't use the internet because Gordon used up all the data for the cell phones and also the God damn wifi at the house.
Its been a good day In my opinion... Even though nana was a mess... That's just something we have got to get used to. Its not going to get much better.. 
The food today was amazing. Dad smoked a beef brisket and mom made yams and baked beans... I am a weirdo so I ate my own food.. Cut green beans with diced potatoes and I added mushrooms.. Plus some oyster crackers cause it was like a soup.
I ate low Cal food so I can have desserts.. Yummy in my tummy. My brownies with icing is ridiculously good. And of course my cookies are amazing...

The Alabama football game started a while ago... Its a late game...  Im not worries about having to pack go and leave tomorrow because we aren't leaving tomorrow... We are staying over until Monday morning... And tomorrow (Sunday) I am baking my chocolate chip cream cheese pie cake thing... Stan will be getting up around midnight Monday to start cooking his meat for the APR "post fund drive bbq"...

I ordered a magazine for wedding favors and whatnots and it finally came in the mail. I want to get some kind of custom thing for the wedding dang it.

I am sad because I don't think I will be able to make my 30 books in 2015 reading challenge on goodreads...

Sitting here typing out this blog entry... My brother is talking way way too much because he can't use the the internet and he is going stir crazy. I think I will have to go hide in the bedroom... I can barely handle the noise of normal stuff... And this is just way way too much...

If I go lay in bed I can read and maybe get some headway on the book challenge.

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