Thursday, November 12, 2015

november 12, 2015 - TEA THURSDAY

again with the tea..

this morning i am having Tazo english breakfast tea with soy milk and cinnamon sugar.

today i am going to attempt to do the following tasks:
  • dishes in sink 
  • clean out the microwave 
  • sweep laundry room 
  • clean bathroom counter and mirror 
  • clean toilet 
  • clean kitchen counter under the glass with bleach to kill germs cause gross gross gross 

I also need to sort jewelry, call mom and make sure my plans for cooking these sweet potatoes are on target and brush Hercules hair out some more with the olive oil detangler .. he really needs a new brush.

i should finish the third book in ~*THE DARK IS RISING*~ sequence series today... its called Greenwitch and its very very awesome... i'm not sure if the myths and stuff are inspired by real life or if they are fabricated but there's lots of ancient history myths and magic and lore and such of the area that the story is set in ... so its really awesome.

after this i will start reading the Stephen King book my dad loaned me "Joyland" and he really wants me to read "Revival".. i had already told him that Karen said it was awesome but i think he had time to let it sink in and realized how much more i needed to read it because he was so excited to tell me to read it lol. i love my dad. he is the best.


ok about to get my house wife life onnnn

okay i have done almost everything except sweep the laundry room

copy pasta from facebook status:
"i think i might be done pressing leaves this fall... i have filled one composition notebook with them.. and its lovely lovely lovely... so unless i come across some that are just absolutely breath taking (and knowing me i probably will..). i wont be collecting anymore leaves.. which means i need a new hobby..

i guess i will go back to coloring mandalas =) which is definitely soothing and takes up time
i need better color pencils though these that i have are the cheapest they make and ughhhhh so horribleeeee"

i think i might sit on the porch in the rocking chair and read my book =) its so freaking nice outside i just wanna walk around all day but i feel weird doing it here, i just went for a walk by myself and i felt weird... i could take Hercules and i will next time but theres only so far i can walk anyways...
i will probably definitely get on the the stationary bike today i have nothing else to do

wellllllll i decided to sweep out some of the leaves and muck on the front porch and pick up all the cigarette butts and take the ashtray to the dumpster and empty it.. and my blood sugar said fuck you
now i'm eating two of my apples i got from ALDI and omfg i missed apples so much omg omgomgomgomgomgogomg jesus they are so good i am in heaven

i cooked dinner (pork chops) and did the best i could making yams for the first time..
i did sort all my necklaces out into their baggies.

i just rode the bike for 10 mins and i am exhaaaaaausted... its only 7pm =(
im gonna lay down and try to read but i think  i will probably just sleep idk

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