Monday, November 2, 2015

moonday monday or some other nonsense lol idek

i woke up at at 6:30 am ready to go this morning... probably going to need a nap this afternoon.
i am still very itchy but not as much now i am just in pain where i clawed my skin off =(
today is laundry and dishes and idk

cooking dinner tonight kind of (not really cooking but preparing it)

about to leave now and go to dollar tree and get some bleach, stain remover, triple bac ointment for these scratches and such because i dont trust this stuff we have its really old and looks weird and idk get off me i just want it to work ok. then walmart and get popsicles and fruit water and drop of my Rx renewal fills thing at the pharmacy so we can get it later
 byebye for now ---10:52am


its 1:30pm and i've been home for about 30 mins or so putting things away and doing some chores (unloading dishwasher, folding laundry)

i found some super cute $1 gifts for a two of my friends that i picked up cause i gotta start putting together christmas packages for people.

i gotta eat something soon or im gonna pass outttt
ok gonna watch private practice now and eat and then clean some more and idkkkk
yay cleaning stuffff

i took down the halloween stuff and i am going to have the owl and red leaf felt thingys on the door but thats all until christmassss
all my decorating has to be inside the windows cause we bad neighborhood.. but.. its ok.. lights in the windows and snowflakes and yayayayayayayay also making christmas tree... oh god i need to start working on the christmas cards holy fuck shit

its 8pm now and Stan is in bed--- bless his heart.
he had a very very bad day at work and i feel bad because i cant fix it...

my body is in "fuck you" mode when it comes to my immune system and healing stuff..  im going to try to eat more things and keep taking my daily vitamin obviously and just hope this passes..
it seems like every fall i get this weird... shift in my metabolism and my body.. my skin gets dry and and itchy and my hair is coarse and has this weird texture feeling to it..

i am going to try and read a bit tonight but i dont know.. i might actually fall asleep i feel sleepy even though i dont think i should be... blaaaahhhhhhh...

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