Monday, November 16, 2015

manic monday, if i do say.. maybe.. kinda. idk

I have tons to do today and I got up at 6:30am... took my meds.. and they are already making me crash.. i set an alarm for 8:30am incase I do doze off =( I made sure I got stan's lunch box together and walked the dog and gave the babies their morning treats before I came in here and sat down. hopefully i wont fall asleep but there is little i can do to keep it from happening given the kind of medication that is working its way into my bloodstream right now lol... it didnt usually make me this sleep but i lose a lot of weight and so... theres less of my body to use it and its more... saturated in my system i guess is what i am trying to say.

today i have to go get cat litter and laundry detergent and then do a lot of house work
tonight i will be cooking for stan.. which is good because it makes me feel useful and i have been cooking for him a lot here lately... so yay.. housewife stuff

okay i dozed off for around 15 mins i think but i awake now
i'm going to call DHR at 9am and then go to the store.. i'ts 8:40 right now
i have so much to do todayyyyy
and tomorrow i have to vacuum and sweep and stuff


okay called DHR and left a message, folded the towels, took out half the trash and went to the store for stuff... and forgot the cat litter so stan has to get that with the other stuff on his way home.. now i am.. going to take out the rest of the trash, cook some egg whites and watch netflix... then wash the dishes (i would wash them before but why do that if im going to make more right after lol)

ummm.. i think my car has a seriously flat tire and i'm scared we will have to buy a new one
i dont know

bad shit just keeps happening i hate everything boo you whore lets go eat worms and cry

ok DHR called me back and i think i have got this almost sorted so that is good. i just ate egg whites and also decided to treat myself to this Whatchamacallit that i have had saved for like.. a week?
 i kept saving it for dire emergency and i think this is an emergency i want to eat the whole house lol

i need to wash dishes soon.
i always put it off but when i start doing it i love it, idk. i'm weird.

and now dishes are done its 3pm and i am trying not to tweet a bunch of tweets about horrible things that are funny inside my head on twitter (for example... regarding terrorist coming to alabama to get our fried chicken #helpmebabyjesus)

i just cooked dinner... aaaaand Mac came over with a cigarette charged air pump for tires and fixed my tires so yaaaaaaaaay i am not scared to drive anymore woooo
i took my meds and i will probaby go to bed sometime soon..

tomorrow is vacuum sweep dust catbox dayyyyyy lots of physical activity work which is awesome i need it

i talked to mom today and she is coming to town wednesday and will meet me and give me my letter from DHR about my SNAP stuff and then i will go to IR next week and throw a crazy white girl fit and that will be all i need to do i'm pretty sure. I just need a letter from IR saying i suffer from chronic life long mental illness and blah blah blah

oh well
time to readddd

its 10pm I finished the stephen king crime novel "Joyland"
andmehhhhhhhh not impressed... i mean, the writing is GREAT! really, i love his way with words... but it was kind of boring and slow. it was super easy and good to read though. i mean, i liked the phrasing and the way the thing was put together but something just didnt quite make the cut of what i expected.. though i know he usually doesnt write this kind of book... i will read others soon... i just wanted to get something short and moderately interesting in my list of books for this year... it WAS interesting. i did enjoy it. but it left me feeling like it was lacking something...


NOW IAM READING THE FIRST SCIFI SPACE BOOK THING I EVER READ.. when i was like.. 12? it's "the dark beyond the stars" by Frank M. Robinson
My dad took this book i'm reading now to 2nd and Charles in Birmingham to try and get credit for it and some other books and when he found out how little they were going to give him he was going to put them in the give away bin hoping somebody would get it that was interested in it somehow... and i was like "DAD NO NO NO NO THIS WAS THE FIRST OF YOUR BOOKS I READ"  so yeah i kept it and its been a few years since that day but now i am reading it... and oh my god i had no idea how much it had ingrained in my head.. just some of the very phrases and wording and its like... it's like this and ~*THE DARK IS RISING*~ are the skeleton on which my brain made up its weird fairyland world of books and magic and weirdness i dont know.. i can't explain it.. BOOKS ARE MAGICAL GOD DAMN IT. I WILL NEVER OWN AN e-READER I NEED THE BOOK IN MY HAND

ok now i am going to try to sleep but i am not sleepyyyyy
i have a lot to do tomorrowwwww

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