Monday, November 30, 2015

last day of november

i'm totes starting decorating for the holidays this week

i have to try to get an appointment at indian rivers this month asap and get that shit sorted

about to get dressed, make stan's lunch box and walk the dog if he feels up to it--- Herc had two seizures yesterday afternoon and night and it was very scary and makes me very worried and sad

ok chores, shopping more chores.
also maybe getting ready to cook dinner???

okay i got something awesome for christmas decoration that is also starwars. i didnt see it before today so i am glad i went today
its outside and stan will see it when he gets home yaaaay

okay i have done things today but they were really exhausting and involved hanging lights and holding shit up for a long time while i fixed it and i dunno that on top of my back and arms already being sore are not a good mix

i have to cook at 4:30 but it wont take long... i
i got distracted watching #plannergirl videos on youtube lolol
i cook now

i actually took some of the chicken i cooked and ate it before adding the rest to the sauce for stans chicken and rice thing. it was good. i need to do that more often..

after i walked Herc i came back in and i guess the going outside pushed my head sinus allergy cold conglomeration over the edge because i now feel like absolute shit and i want to lay here and read and go to bed.

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