Sunday, November 1, 2015

its sundayyy

the food last night was amazing my chicken taco was kick ass but it hurt my stomach something FIERCEEEE

i went to bed really really early but before i did we watched the movie "PIXELS" and oh MAH GAWDSSSSS it was awesome. i was laughing and laughing and laughing and i couldnt keep up with the internet tech pop culture references from back in the 80s until now and jesus and wow and soooooo we got it and now i can watch it again and laugh some more!

after that i had to lay down and i went to sleep for a while and woke up around midnight and wrote in my journal.... i love this green hardback journal.  the pages are just perfect width and thickness. and i found a pen that i REALLY REALLY like using to write in it... its a decorated pen roller ball .7  think normal standard thing but the way i can hold it makes it better for writing for me.. i are pretty peticular about my writing utensils which is why i have so many... i buy them and dislike them and dont use them at all lol
everybody loves those InkJoy pins and i do but not for the paper type that is in my current journal

uh anyways i am trying to keep my mind off of the thing that is bothering me... which is... i have APPARENTLY HAD AN ALLERGIC REACTION TO SOMETHING REALLY BAD BECAUSE MY ENTIRE BODY ITCHES... i have scratched the skin off the top of my right hand. i want to lay in a tub of super hot salt water or something i dont tknow what has made me have this kind of reaction there is no real rash that is spreading not that i can see but there are tiny little bumps all over my skin in some places and some raised places also...  and they itch but there are places that dont have bumps that itch too. its so just... very very not.... i cant focus on any god damn thing i want to CLAW MY SKIN OFF

so uh anyways i am going to get planning for next week and journal and make sure stans laundry is done before tomorrow morning and try and read some of these books i got and not claw myself until i bleed and try not to eat everything in the world because im a fat ass but really i am mostly trying not to CLAW MY SKIN OFFFFFFFFFFFF

might edit this last with more rambling not sure......

its 9:30

i finished "over sea, under stone" next up is the book that named the series "the dark is rising" and its MY JAMMMMM MY FAVE... seriously... one of the first books i read that ... just... it just stuck to me.. and its a good thing too because i sense things differently... and... yeah... #magic and shit

My brother got stan's old computer working again so now he has a computer to play with and i am so happy! he doesnt have to get up and move the other one around to use it on the couch and what not anymore.. its just going to stay there for netflix and what not... i suppose... Stan told me he would do a few things once he got a private computer again and one of them was pinterest and maybe start  a blog so i am excited!!!!! i am hoping he can get out some kind of creative juice going with it and start WRITING which would be ridiculously excitinggggggggg.. or just.. talk about life. he does have a very interesting job, you know. 

i am too happy to sleep so im gonna stay up reading =)

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