Friday, November 6, 2015

its friiiiiiidayyyyy.. time to get my bake on. and pack and idek wtf else hihihi

sup bitches

actually no its going to be cloudy and rainy for the next few days, which would be ok if it wasnt also going to be like... in the 70-80 degree range. this also ruins our firepit plans for saturday night AGAIN GOD DAMN IT. its like... not even fair, this is the first fall they've had it all set up proper and we cant even fucking use it god fucking damn it.

today i am baking cookies and packing for the weekend... and going to the store for 1. cat litter 2. transparent tape because i am about to go batshit because i have all these leaves pressed and  i cant paste them up in the book unless i use that god awful $1 packing tape that never rips right and makes a huge mess of everything every fucking time. yeah. get off me im picky with my hobbies.

im super dehydrated today . i woke up that was at 3am.. i drank my smooth move tea and didnt drink enough water with it.... ooops
i had apparently needed to poop for a day or two now and just never did.. it was really bad. i feel much better now.
 we are taking Miss Lilly with us this weekend because we will be gone for two days and two nights and i dont want to leave her here =/ she is gonna hate me =( poor thing  

im about to go walk the dog, will update this all day as usual -- (tlr@7:53am)

8:53 am.. oh shit only an hour has passed? what the hell.. it feels like three hours have passed.. i even dosed off and took a nap of some kind lol


i thought i would wait until later to go shopping but then i remember that LSU is playing here this weekend and i need to get what i need and GTFO of the stores as fast and early as possible. if you dont live here you have no idea what is going on... its like the end of the world. its bad. i think i will take extra buspar before i leave because gods know there will be 24802842802840380430824 people there and its only 9am... just trust me, its true. fuck this noise.

okay its noon now and i am so fucking hungry... i will have to wait to bake. i cant get hot and bake and shit with low blood sugar. so i guess i will eat some chicken and eggs again yum yum yum.. and watch Private Practice cause i dont want Pretty Little Liars to endddd

okay its 6pm pretty much i baked cookies and a small thing of brownies and put the left over icing on top
heres the cookies =) my "HAPPY FALL YALL COOKIES"

i just rode the bike for 13 mins! i was listening to PANIC AT THE DISCOOOOO WHICH WAS THE BEST THING EVER... i need to make a play list for my exercising on the bike... stuff that i can peddle in time on beat... that way i can do faster songs.. then do a slower one... to rest, then a fast one again. yep yep yep.

i am pissed because i let myself eat some icing from the cookies =X omfg .mfvioalhnsrgojlhbn;gld just fucking shit fucking fuck fuck
but they so goooooood

still listening to panic at the disco now... this is making the evening much more bearable lol "she's the smoke she's dancing fancy pirouettes swan diving off the of the deep end of my tragic cigarette she's steam laughing on the window panes the the never ending swaying haze oh that ever smiling maze"
i miss music so muchhh ahh
but i cant have it on all the time or it drives me insane 
it very.. hit or miss, i either needs it badly or hate it.
and it usually has to be music that i already know.. listening to new music makes me nervous because my brains want to figure out the  sounds of the chord progressions and resolutions and patterns in the music and i cant relax while listening to new music.. because i have to figure it out first.. then its familiar and i am okay.. i'm a weirdo.. i think its a band nerd thing maybe i dont know.. =X 

i think i might really want a gym membership starting next year... hmm

ok i guess i will read now idk

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