Wednesday, November 25, 2015

humpday cookday pack up be ready to go day

that about sums today up
I'm making chocolate covered pretzels and and packing up stuff to make my casserole at moms and packing clothes and getting everything i need together for the entire weekend

I slept on the couch last night so Stan could get a good nights sleep. i talk and move around too much in my sleep and its starting to bother him... which makes me sad and makes me feel like a bad wife. i dont know what to do.. i might need to be on some kind of medication that knocks me the fuck out? i know they do sleep studies but that is probably expensive and i dont even know... i might not be able to sleep anywhere but home anyways so it would be useless id ont know know whatever... i just know i do talk a lot in my sleep.. ALOT and i do stuff and i used to sleep walk. i might still sleep walk. i dont know... i've done this since i was a child but its gotten worse here lately


i made stans lunch box, saw him off to work, walked the dog, checked the mail again even though i had already checked it yesterday but i cant not check it if im right there. then we came back here and and i am eating yogurt and about to go to the walmart for some lady problem medicine and i am pissed as fucking hell and sad and outraged and i mad and pissed and sad and wish i didnt have a cooter but i do and theres nothing i can do about it. fml fml fml fml. #cooterprobs

Then I will make these pretzels.. and do some chocolate covered (off brand) oreos
and make a list and pack and check list again and and sit here with my planner and decide what to take with me this weekend.. probably going to take the xmas cards so we can start signing them to give them out next month... we problably have 50 to sign so its best to get going as soon as possible in my opinion

i am typing really fucking fast this morning and i dont wanna go back to check for errors so take this as it is i'm gonna upload this post and eat and go to store and come back and probably check this again and fix it and add more and make pretzels and read somewhere in between because i still have like.. 8 books to read... getting close now though and i think i will definitely make it to my goallll

i slept like 4 hours last night and i am flyinggggg

today has been a nightmareeeeeeee

and i have had my smiley face mask on the entire TIIIIIMMMEEEEEEE
until this evening
just too much shitttttheidoghvaorhjgordfhgldf
im supposed to take a shower tonight but lolololololololololololololol
FAT CHANCE im so tired i would probably fall asleep as soon as the hot water hit my skin
no really i have to try i might just sit down in the tub and wash my hair and i dont know...

i keep spacing out and staring at walls and shit i am so listless and tired and i cant even snap out of it.. im just.... its like i reset every 15 mins.. and check online and and phone and zone out again... i wish Stan didn't have the TV so loud but its his apartment... and whatever. i need quiet. but i cant get it right now

i have got to figure out how to fall asleep without having so many god damn convulsions and shit.. and talking in my sleep really loud and i dont know... god damn it.. cause its like im not sleeping.. i dont know.. god damn it

damn it damn it damn it im going to go eat chocolate and cry and take a shower and cry in the shower and then attempt to untangle my hair before bed or someshit who the fuck knows maybe i will let it dry tangled and then cut the shit off and be done with it.. like grab a wad of tangles and cut it out until its just jagged edges and random everywhere.. i dont know wha ti am talkinga bout i am about batshit as it get right now

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