Wednesday, November 4, 2015

happy hump day yall =P

i have already swept and mopped the kitchen it looks SO MUCH BETTER but i have come to realize that my ocd about germs is going to make this some kind of.... event every time. i need brushes and towels that only get used on the floor they cannot be used anywhere else they are contaminated ok thanks im a freak bye

i was so tired last night and didnt even know it i slept all night and woke up this morning wanting to sleep more lol
i gotta get some energy back dang it
this isnt cool

i am so bored omfggggg

today was a good tea day =3

i set out three small chicken breasts and we are having chicken for dinner and whole kernel corn from a can i had to get more chicken!! so that let me get out of the house

i shaved my legsssss lol.. its getting to where i dont want to because im wearing pants... but i will start up again when i wear tights and leggings because that just feels fucking weird
i have to get on the exercise bike today because i am so fucking antsy
i am sad because i am almost at the end of what they on netflix for pretty little liars and i know they supposed to be filming and shit and there is gonna be more but what the fuck... i have to find another show with skinny girls doing bad things to watch or i will go insane #ihaveissues


i might try to watch something as a test run... before i finish it up because i cant handle a gap in my skinny bitch dramas 

tlr @ 2:00pm

 btw just for my own reference when i go back to read this rambling all day post i update all day
whatever my blog i do what i want

its 4:30 and i have walked and collected more leaves and also rode the stationary bicycle for 10 mins and i am still going insane with antsy anxiety im gonna have to expand my activities or something.. i think i might try learning how to crochet again.. it would be nice to know.. i never did get very far with it.. 

other projects--- take post it notes and write the count down to STAR WARS THIS DECEMBER AND PEEL OFF EACH DAY AS IT PASSES AND FEEL THE AWESOME NESS OF IT GETTING CLOSER

i bought funfetti cake mix that was left over from halloween it was 50% off and i can use it to make AUTUMN themed cookies

oh i keep forgetting to read this book damn it lol that is not like me
i also havent written in my journal a lot either.... weird

my focus has been... not so good..
but i am happy so that is what matters to me
i am mostly happy unless i get bored but i am getting around that with finding things to do

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