Monday, November 23, 2015

grocery shopping dayyyyyy --- manic mondayyyy nov 23 2015

yayyayayayayy its foodstamp day (might be one of the last i ever have because of their new rules but i think my doctor will write me a letter to help me on that)

going to dollar tree, ALDI, then Walmart. then coming home. unloading the groceries and putting them away. Then I have to unload the dishwasher and fold the towels that are in the dryer. also have to check on Mac's cat Murphy because we are catsitting this week =) =) =) i love kittiesss

i dont know about dinner... i will have to ask Stan.

i am eating egg whites and drinking some english breakfast tea with soy milk. i need some calories and sugar this morning lol

i will take some animal crackers and tiger pop suckers with me also peppermints... and glucose tablets. i never know what my blood sugar is gonna do when i go out and get active and do stuff... its like playing with fire every time.
i have to be prepared.


i get to dress cute today in my winter clothes, so that is an extra amount of exciting!!!!

okay i gotta go eat now.. i wanna get to the stores at 9am and its just a hair past 8 and i still have to get ready and see stan off and eat and load up the car --- taking a tiny cooler to keep some things cold on the way home because im going to get cold stuff before my last store stop and i need to get a bigger cooler and we will do that when we go back to my parents house this week for thanksgiving because we left our bigger cooler up there last time we were there.

okay goodbye.


okay so... everything went okay today except I there's a stray cat living in the ALDI parking lot and i want to help it and i cant but people are feeding it and they are trying to get him tame enough to pick up so he can have a home... other wise its only a matter of time until somebody hits him and that will break my heart... i sat there in the parking lot for 30 minutes after i put my groceries in the car talking to him and i got him to sniff my hand and he backed off he didnt run or hiss or anything just walked on like "okay now what" i dont think he is going to be a mean kitty i just think he needs another day or two of people talking to him and giving him food.. the poor little guy... i should have taken a picture.. but if i did i would have gotten even more attached to him... it was so so hard to walk away.. it was like abandoning a child.... like.. it made me sick to my stomach. and now i am teary eyed and about to cry.

i came home and brought over 9000 lbs of groceries inside and put the cold stuff away then the rest then i took the dog out for a walk and unloaded the dishwasher...
then i ate some apples and folded the towels..
and put them away
and i read some in my book and lost track of time...
I fed the dog... called my mom...
 and took out the trash then checked the mail

Stan got home right as I was checking the mail-- he had went to the store and i helped him get the stuff he bought into the house and thanked him for buying things for me because i am a needy little bitch or something. i feel like. i hate it. and i dunno. whatever.
 and then.....  then walked the dog again.
called mom again to clarify some details for the thanksgiving week plans.

and now i am... sitting here trying to decide what to eat and if i wanna read or watch the rest of pretty little liars or Murder She Wrote because I am an old lady
its 6:36pm btw

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