Friday, November 13, 2015

friday the 13th... november 2015 teehee

ooooh, i didn't even realize it was going to be friday the 13th! haha
not that it really means anything honestly... it only means something if you think it does.. things of this nature only have power if you believe in them... so its best to just go on like its not anything special

i finished the 3rd book in ~*THE DARK IS RISING*~ sequence this morning at like.. 6am.. because i woke up too early and i needed something to do.
so now i can start the Stephen King book my dad loaned me today.... it's not his usual stuff but i think it will be lovely just the same... it's a crime thriller novel and i love me some crime stuff..

i need to take a shower today.. its been way too long. also do the dishes.
and sort my earrings back into the baggies so they are all nice and neat for whatever i go with them next.
after that i will just read and try to keep away the crazy...  i get so bored that i feel like i am going to snap someday.. but there is nothing i can do about it but try to find shit to do in the house..... i cant really go anywhere.. theres no point... i will just get sad
and it wastes what little gas i do have in my car.. i need that gas for when i actually do get to spend the last of my foodstamps.. which might be one of the last time i get them.. which means after that i really am going to be slave the this house.. but i cant think about that... i will start crying and i dont know if i can stop.

this weekend we will be staying home so Stan can rest and i am very thankful for that... i have been worried about him a lot the past few weeks and i feel really helpless because i cant make him feel better because its all work related stuff and theres literally nothing that i can do but have dinner on the table and comfort him when he gets home


okay its 2:16pm and i have taken a shower-- i feel ridiculously better now
i've eaten two apples and yogurt and i am starving but i dont wanna eat just yet... i have plans for dinner and i need wait and have my bigger meal later on but i will definitely have to eat something between now and then or i will pass out

gonna walk the dog soon i guess i dont know

i started reading "Joyland"
i am suddenly very tired
i guess i will take a nap
i took a nap and thought it was like.. two hours and it was 10 mins wowwwww i do this all the time but its just getting really annoying here lately. Stan is having the same problem.. we keep going to bed at like.. 9pm waking up at midnight ready for 7am... then the rest of the night is this fight to sleep more when we are awake already... ughh

this book Joyland is taking forever to get going... books like that tend to annoy me at first but i know it will get better i just have to keep on reading.
i think i will read another book at the same time.. NOT from ~*THE DARK IS RISING*~ though.. probably one of the books from middle school or something

i have had  a lot of trouble balancing lately... its like.. my body feels off center.. i feel weird when i walk and stand.. like something is missing? i dont know.. maybe its my ass thats disappeared hahahahahahha no it hasnt its still here.. trust me...

im bored heres some gifs

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