Friday, November 20, 2015

finally friday nov 20, 2015

i have been all kinds of down in the dumps this week. i've been asleep more than i've been awake the past three days or so

and tonight i have committed to going to meet a bunch of my old friends from highschool band at a pizza place and i really am not feeling it but i am going to go anyway

i have to get dressed now or i will never make it on time because i know i am going to get distracted and stop and do something else and probably change my mind about going and then change it back again and i just need  a lot of time because i'm batshit ok

okay its 3:13pm and my shower went ok... though we did seem to run out of water faster than normal which kind of irritated me but i got over it because oh well what the fuck can i do about it i didnt need to shave my legs all the way anyway im wearing jeans and boots lol
oh my god i forgot about no shave november

my period started just now and its three days early so i suspect that might have something to do with my laying in bed feeling like a completely useless piece of shit and having no energy and wanting to do. that also might be why i couldn't exercise my full amount of time last night.. i thought i was gonna pass out.. never in my life had i gotten that tired that fast. it was ridiculous.

my hair looks amazing and i have picked out THE PERFECT OUT FIT
now i have to paint my nails and shit and do my eye make up because thats pretty much the only parts that will take any time.. make up and nails and i dont even HAVE to do my nails i just want to... and the only make up im doing is my eyes



its 9:30
i left the NHS band alumni thing early because i couldnt be in a loud place that long and everybody i wanted to talk to was at the other table and there was no way to get over there without standing up while talking and i didn't want to do that and i dont know i hate everything

i am going to bed
it was nice seeing people
maybe next time it will be better?

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