Monday, November 9, 2015

back at home.. monday monday monday

well im homeeee, the whole time i was at my parents house i was offline pretty much, i connect to upload blog posts that i had typed offline and then turned everything off again

it was pretty good.
we are finally getting some... plans set for the future and what we want to do and where to live and its making me giddy with happiness. i am so excited... to have Stan's Mom move down here and all the plans we are making and ... i just need to remember that we have to get this wedding out of the way before anything can happen =/

my Nana wanted me to say that we would get married this christmas as a surprise or something but no no no... that is not.. we cant. there is too much to take care of because of my crap shit horrible bills and other things that i dont want to talk about it will make me cry

today my mother gave me two dress shirts and she wanted to see if i really liked them and wanted them before she told me they were my GREAT GRANDMOTHER (Granny) 's  shirts that were in my Aunts house and they are having to move her out of there and downsize and get rid of some stuff and they were going to give these things to the church for donation but... omg omg .... they are... so perfectly me! its like they were meant to be mine! the style and design and its all very very old fashioned and vintage silk blouses and jesus i just.... i broke down and cried... i have so many memories of being at her house.. i still dream about her house... i know my mom spent even more time there than i did..
it just feels like... it was meant to come to me... i feels like a sign that i am on the right path somehow in what i am doing in life.. call me crazy but i have lived my life guided by intuition and synchronicity and its gotten me here and i am grateful


i need to unload this dishwasher now
and restart the dryer so the clothes can be folded soon.. i cant do stans laundry until he gets home from work tonight and delivers his pants that he is wearing to me... lol... our laundry schedule is off because we stayed at my mom and dad's house until this morning instead of coming home on sunday night

lol i never got to the dishwasher because i realized i was out of banana popsicles and if you know me then you know THAT SHIT DONT FLY SON
i gotta have my banana popsicles like... 5 a day. i am not kidding


i have reconnected with a friend from band in highchool and it is nice to talk to him, he was such a great guy. i will be adding another person to my list of people i keep in my thoughts and prayers and what not

okay so we have an ALDI here and they have apple 99cent a lb and fuck yeah i am getting some you best believe that crazy good i hope they take food stamps.. ffff

i need to read my book ok i keep getting distracteddd

i think im getting fatter some how i dont know i am scared there is too much food here it scares me

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