Tuesday, October 27, 2015

not-so-terrific tuesday

i woke up on the wrong side of the bed, so to speak... as soon as i was walking i walk bumping into shit and dropping stuff.
my period started today so THATS fucking lovely.. #moonsisters me and Jo/Lionbones have our periods at the same time with the full moon. its probably the only funny thing about period time.. cause the rest of it SUCKS DONKEY BALLS

i have really really really really really dry mouth lately and its driving me insane i'm going to get some gum today and start chewing it all the time because i cannot stand to sit here and my mouth be so dry  cant even... i.. its like its frozen solid but from dryness. you know?
like my tongue doesnt even wanna move its dried over

yeah its bad bad bad

i know a lot of medications for psych stuff has this side affect and i'm pretty sure my allergy meds and other stuff doesnt help it at all

i have to leave soon and go to Indian Rivers to pick up my new prescription re-writes ... this one adds back my much needed prozac so i am very excited... we get these filled at the end of the month so that is coming up soon and then i can maybe get back into tabitha land
though i have had an good mood because of other things but i know that the winter is going to get me down like always and i wanna nip this in the bud

i will update this again later but i wanna go ahead and publish now so its gonna be one of those "updated all day as i go" posts


ok its noon now and i'm back home. i went by the library to return my book and thought about getting another one but decided against it
then i decided to try my luck at target and they had just put out amazing things and i got two starwars grocery tote bags and two notepads. i will be gifting one of each of those things so they arent all for me. lol
then i went to dollar tree and decided to go ahead and get the christmas scarf they had that i want because id dont know if they will get more in before christmas they are really weird about not restocking on the regular here and its kind of pissing me off. so i have a christmas themed scarf that will matching green and red and black and white things. i got it specifically for this red sweater i've had since like... 2007... my boobs are almost small enough to wear it again.... so that is exciting

my ribs under my right boob feel like somebody punched me while i was sleeping... i woke up and it is tender and sore like its bruised but there isnt any bruising
really weird
i didnt do anything to make this happen so its kind of... not fun.. i mean, it hurts pretty bad. and i dont even know why

i got some more tape for my planner. the two for $1 kind that isnt washi, its plastic like scotch tape but its pretty and thats what matters. its thinner than the standard washi just a tiny bit.
i got some nonfat soy milk that is like.. in a carton and room temperature... its says to serve chilled. i plan to put this in my black tea or maybe i might try to have coffee again someday i am really feeling the warm soups and beverages things... i'm losing weight and have less body fat than i did two months ago and its getting colder.. i have noticed i do get cold sometimes. and its not even cold yet

i think im going to make some soup and watch netflix with the heating pad on me somewhere.. i hurt just about everywhere with the combination of random soreness and my period and whatever else has made me hurt like this maybe i was sleep walking.. i used to do that all the time when i was little... i already have conversations in my sleep and talk and shit... i wouldn't be surprised if i did... maybe i fell or bumped into something

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