Sunday, October 18, 2015

long time no post... been kind of boring lately

i havent done that much other than watch netflix (Pretty Little Liars, Private Practice) and read books and obsess about losing weight lol
I talk to my cousin April EVERY DAY. which is something i am so happy about. We grew up almost like sisters and she was on htloz/falloutshelter with all of us for a while. so we understand each other a lot. and its just good to have an old friend in my life... especially one that is my cousin. AND for those who read this and might not know, April is going to be my Matron of Honor at the wedding <3 p="">I keep forgetting that the wedding is going to sneak up on me.. it already has a bit.. now that i realize its less than a year...

same shit different day

i have drank a few times in the past month and i regret it completely. i feel horrible every time. and if i do it again stan will kick me out on the street

so that is what i have to remember and never do it again =/

i have started eating delicious vegetable soup and it is DEEEEEEE LICIOUSSS
so filling and warm and i love tomato based soups even though they kill my stomach its WORTH it.. plus its not really thick tomato soup its watery

i need to read these library books (Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis.. i am kind of excited about this one but i have to get into the swing of reading it-- it has a lot of pop culture references in it, obviously lol)

i also borrowed The Little Mermaid from the library and im watching it right now
and singing lol (the songs and classical music from the Disney movies were what got me into music as a kid.. i listened to them so much as back ground noise that i think my brain memorized the sounds of chords and chord progressions and intervals between notes, i apparently have the ability to harmonize with people without really thinking about it when i hear people singing.. i didnt even know this until after i was out of college and singing with Jessy and Nathan. i went all my life thinking i couldnt sing and found out i could i just never let myself do it..)

it has to go back next week
but the library books i can keep for a bit longer

so i have lost almost 20 lbs since like.. three months ago?
it doesnt seem like much, but now that im older its become a lot harder to accomplish this =/

we are going to the beach very very soon. while we are there my dad will have my car and fix it so the breaks and all that work right again
we will be leaving Miss Lilly and Hercules at my parents house and i am scared about leaving the babies but I think Miss Lilly will be ok if she can hide in my old bedroom and look out the window like she always used to do

Herc is probably going to have a pretty hard time without us there with him.

i need to start putting back some clothes for the beach that i wont wear between now and then =3

wooohoo beach

its gonna be too cold to swim but i just wanna walk in the shallow water and  sand and find shells and stuff...
its the sound of the ocean that i really crave
i think the pool at the hotel might be heated. they say they keep it open year round so i can imagine them not having it heated.....  even if they dont it might be warm enough at the hottest part of the day and the evening (cause it will warm up with the sunlight on it obvs.)

i just realized i havent check the mail in a few days lol


i think i will do that and take out some garbage and maybe walk the dog and then read this book or journal.

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