Wednesday, October 21, 2015

late humpday post

ok yay im losing weight like.. faster than i expected
boo it will all be for nothing after vacay and i will have to start over probably lol

i have decided to embellish my posts with shiny sparkly pixel art gifs
it gives me the happys

i am packing up my suitcase for next week and trying to slim down my planner into travel mode =X
the top one is the big bulky one
the bottom is slim and flexible and will just be the vacay planning section (with space for memory keeping what not .. im going to take those binder rings you can buy and store my old stuff that way as i archive it in the future.. so it will be all kept for memory. i need to start organizing it and keep it chronological.. lol)
 and the weekly section of the planner
lots of stickers and pens and i dont know i want to take EVERYTHING WITH ME #plannergirlprobs

im also packing up the rubbermaid tub of food that we will be taking... the room has a fridge and a microwave so we are totally going to be able to cook and shit kind of... i eat microwavable soup every other day or every day  dont know

i really cant be arsed to thinka bout anthing right now i should be asleep

but im fighting my sleep because im a little kid

beacccch here i come even if it is cold and rainy i get to hear the oceannnnnn

fml i am being told to go to bed 

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