Wednesday, October 28, 2015

its humpday already???

today i was going to do some vacuuming and clean the bathroom but i am on call to go kitty sit for Mac because he is having people come look at a water leak in his bathroom and he doesnt want to lock his poor kitty up all day.
so... nix on that cleaning stuff.
after wards i might be able to clean the toilet or something but vacuuming is so exhausting for me lately i have no energy

today or tomorrow i have to figure out what i want to bake for this weekend because we are going to my parents house and watching scary movies and and i want to make something cute and new that is halloween themed so i am scouring pinterest for ideas but biggest issue is that i have a tiny micro kitchen and i dont have space to set up and let things dry for hours. a lot of these things are say--- rice krispie treat balls that look like pumpkins or spiders or something and they have to sit. another issue is that a lot of stuff has cinnamon in it this time of year and we cant do anything like that at all.
also i dont really have that much to bake in as i could... AND the big glass casserole pot thing is at my moms lol so i cant do anything that requires that.. i have normal sized pie things... and small copper heart shaped cake tin.. i wonder if i could make the heart into something as a cake

i think i might try my hand at decorating cookies. i need to learn how to write in gel icing or whatever anyways.. its going to come in handy later in life

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