Wednesday, October 7, 2015

its homecoming week at the university of alabama *vomits red and white rainbows*

seriously i dont... i like football but i hate the hype and the influx of people around the football season in this town its like... ridiculous.

all the parents come into town this week, cause its homecoming, and i see them in the stores with their 19 year old freshmen kiddos buying them more stuff cause they ran out of stuff since school started and it just makes me sick i dont even know... i always felt guilty asking for things from my parents i dont know how these people feel so ...entitled? i don tknow... i mean, yes something i do expect but not the excess of shit these other fancy pants folks seem to have going on


i am kind of obsessed with collecting fall leaves as they change color

also journaling

and calorie counting

and reading books of some kind


im gonna go watch netflix now
i love my shows i watch i cant wait for more greys anatomyyyy omggg
i miss greys so baddd
i hate that i have to wait until they put it on netflix but i think its better that way atleast i can pause an look at things for a while and go back and look again

also pretty little liars... apparently they are still filming or something??? i dont know i think im on season 3? of 6? or something whatever.. i just know its keeping my brain occupied

its halloween time so i am dressing up in my halloween shirts and i think i might start wearing witchy clothes IFFFF The weather cools off and i can wear my tightsss its too hot right now though

which is a good thing because i want it to be warm when we go to he beach later this month

i just need to chill out and keep on track with my weight loss and stay sane until the holidays =X i need more books to readddd but i dont seem to like anything but what i already read so its hard for me to find stuff i am trying to explore online and find books to read though, so hopefully i will come up with something soon that will keep me occupied for a while

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