Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween witches

I'm at my parents house and life is good! Dad is working on my brakes and stuff...Stan is on his way ... He needed some time to rest a bit this morning..

Stan popped my back this morning and oh my God it's like.. Insane.. It popped three times.. Loud as hell. Felt so fucking good.

I took my time. driving to my parents house today and enjoyed the trip. It felt good to come home.

I got a book from my dads stash of books to read.. It's a Stephen king book but it's not his usual stuff it's more mystery thriller... Published in 2013.. Called "joyland" I think it might be right up alley given all the thriller crime stuff that unable gotten into with watching "pretty little liars" ... He has "revival" which is the book my IG penpal suggested I read.. I wanted to ask a female Stephen king fan what I should read. So that's awesome... That I have options.

I gotta get my ass in gear if I wanna make it to 30 books in my goodreads challenge ...

We are having home made tacos tonight and I have made chicken in taco seasoning.. So I will have that with tomatoes and sour cream and a soft taco shell. It's gonna be ridiculously good.

I feel really bad for Stan because he is so exhausted... He is doing the job of three people at work.. And on top of that he hasn't gotten to take the time to process and grieve over his best friends death.. Furthermore he is having to do the work of his dead friend.. Which ..I can't even imagine...

The strength of this man never ceases to amaze me... That's why I love him... He is amazing. I just want to be here... To take care of him.. He needs someone to take care of him.. He needs a place to crash when it gets too hard and that's what I want to give him.

Okay I will stop rambling now.. We are about to start the foods =X

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