Friday, October 23, 2015


i did the usual.. start at Dollar Tree--- finish at Walmart and get the cold stuff right as i am about to check out.

i stayed up WAYYYYYY too late last night playing with my planners =X i'm such a #planneraddict for serious... i think i might start making new cool things for my planner.. or have stan print me out some stuff that i can use as inserts 
this is the receipts and my shopping list.. i love my pumpkin/autumn themed shopping list =3

so im still losing weight and i am happpppyyyyy

 i finally feel like i almost look sorta ok maybe a little bit
just a little bit.. and that gives me hope

im so tiiiiireddd

ffff i might just go sleepyy

nope gotta put stans chicken wings in the ovennnnnn 
i think i want pretzels for dinner i am addicted to pretzels right now lol

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