Friday, October 30, 2015

friday is bake day.. also TGIF

i'm baking like.. four kinds of cookies.. =3

they are all pre-made and cut so its nothing special i feel like i'm cheating but i don't have the mental emotional energy to mix up cookies right now with how i feel about food.

all the cookies have the same calories except for the plain sugar cookie ones so i just need to keep track of that....
i made these three plus some plain sugar cookies =3

we are making chicken here on the george foreman grill with seasoning for me to have chicken tacos instead of greasy hamburger meat that is coated in oil and grease and gross. gross gross grosssssssss

so that plus tomatoes and sour cream is going to be DE-FUCKING-LICIOUS I AM EXCITED

now that i'm done baking just now.. i can read my book which is getting juicy and awesome... well juicy isn't the best word but its getting super interesting i read it before but i don't remember much about it.. just like all the book i read in elementary school... so re-reading has been pretty interesting... to see that these books are the ones that i read they shaped my thinking perhaps and yeah... its KINDA EASY TO SEE WHY I WAS A WEIRDOOOO

i just randomly decided to put on my purple tights and black skirt and hat and pointy shoes and now im a witch lol
oh well what of it i can have a little fun, cant i?

publishing at 1:30 pm.. going to edit and type more after that just wanted to get it out there and published =P

its 6pm now

i have the munchies like something fierce today i keep wanting to shove food down my throat and i cant because lololololololololooloooolool yeah 

now its 8:30

i peddled away going no where on the stationary bike for 10 minutes earlier! thats a lot for me... my knees dont like it much so i am having to force myself to do it

my anxiety level went down drastically!!! i dont feel like im going to go insane if i dont go somewhere do something something something
so i might have to add this to my coping mechanisms for feeling trapped and stuck

tonight stan is giving hercules a hair cut and then i am getting a shower and then we will give herc a bath

then i will hopefully wind down for the night.. maybe the exercise will help me get to bed! i certainly hope so!
it defintely made that weird tight feeling in my chest go away... i feel like i can breathe... i dont feel like this very often.. its kind of weird... i almost feel giddy. if i knew exercise would help my mood so much i might actually get a gym membership... its something to consider.. i DO know that bipolar people benefit from the chemicals that are released during exercise and what not... so exercise is kind of good for a lot of things

im starting up a section in my planner for the holidays... gift idea planning and out fit planning for the trip and keeping everything organized in my head there so i wont get over whelmed  i plan to decorate it with stickers and washi tape so it will be kinda like a smash memory book.. i still need to get those binder rings from the store so i can archive my old planner stuff properly =) i spent so much time on it. theres no way in hell im getting rid of it all.

i guess i will stop typing now and write in my paper journal and wait for the shower to be available for me.. haha...

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