Friday, September 25, 2015

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we are finally have a weekend at homeeeeeee.
tomorrow we are going to cook a nice dinner and we arent going to go anywhere.

I vacuumed today which is something that i had been putting off for a while and it as starting to really get me upset when i thought about how long i had put it off but the act of doing it seemed so overwhelming and exhausting... however--- the new vacuum cleaner Stan got me is AMAZING so i dont even know why i keep worrying about it-- it works so good.. i can do the whole apartment in 20 mins usually.

im keeping a paper handwritten food log now and its helping me a lot.

i am just so very much addicted to watching PrettyLittleLiars on netflix the girls are so pretty... and the fashion is amazing and im just... its a good distraction

we are going to the beach -- i got my psych appointment moved to the week before... so we are still going to the beach
i am excited and i have started making  up my packing list and started putting aside stuff i want to pack lol
i cant wait until last minute i will 1. go insane with anxiety 2. forget half of everything i need most likely

feeling a little drained today which makes me sad

everything seems to be ok
i just need to keep on my srs bsns diet for the rest of the year lol

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