Wednesday, September 9, 2015

so, i guess the festival will be okay on saturday

i have tons of stuff to sell-- its in a place i'm familiar with. and my parents and my fiance will be there and i am FINALLY starting to feel better (i got a sinus infection or something monday)

so tomorrow is thursday--- i am going to walmart because i havent left the house since sunday and i need to drive my car because if i dont it might not work anymore. you know the whole battery thing being how it is... we never quite figured ut if it was the battery or alternator or the possible loose wiring in the radio or dashboard that was making it lose its charge all the time.

i am going to look at the summer/beach clearance tomorrow because WE ARE GOING TO THE BEACH LATER THIS YEAR-- yea i know most people go to the beach in the summer but i hate being around  alot of crazy people doing stupid shit... i want to go when its quiet... and we havent had time to go before now anyway... so we are going right before halloween in october. it will be quiet and we will have no pets with us and we can relax. i want to listen to the ocean and breathe.

anyways.. but yeah.. so i am making a list of things to do while we are at the beach that i have always wanted to do that i never got to do
a lot of it is stupid little things like.. build a really big sand castle and lay out on the beach for hours without tons of people being around-- you know, NOT during peak season of vacationing and such

we are talking about moving the wedding reception next year to some place other than the church so we can have alcohol
i know my family will enjoy and be more likely to come if they can drink openly and not have to go to their car and hide


i am still very drained from being sick
i actually had a fever and it broke last night
so i feel better

pack tomorrow, leave in the afternoon on friday for my parents house
stan got ALL of friday off so we can go up there earlier and maybe have actual dinner there with my parents
and staurday morning we gotta be up and out of the house at or before 6:30am

so now i just trying not to freak out and keep calm and blah blah blah

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