Sunday, September 13, 2015

okay, so i am kind of sad

the fayette festival was more or less a waste of time. i mean, there wasnt enough foot traffic to make much profit-- it was a big festival for kids and my jewelry is marketed for parents and the damn kids were so impatient that they drug the parents off from looking at booths before they were ready half the time... so the customers were very little..

i mean, i made 3 times this at the Tuscaloosa festival in the spring of this year.
so disappoint

my Dad is so sweet--- he had my Aunt Tiny (who is a florist) deliver 30 roses to my mom at the festival to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary  that is TODAY (sunday)
it was sooooo bigggg she had to ride with it in her lap all the way home from the festival lol

we loaded up and went home and i crashed and slept until dinner
and then mom went to get some delicious food and i ate it and went back to bed and died again lol

i probably have gained back all the weight i thought i lost
or did lose
who the fuck knows

i have until october 27th to remedy that

so whatev

today we have to be back the town by 3:30pm because stan has to meet someone at the office and give them some stuff such
and then we can go home and do laundry and get back to a normal routine for a little bit

I am kind of blaaah and tired and I dont know...

i think i want to lay in bed until we leave

my legs hurt really bad from walking so much
i am pathetic lol

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