Thursday, September 17, 2015

its almost the weekend alreadyyyy

i had a really fuzzy start to the week but i am okay now

I thought i had a psychiatrist appointment today but i didnt and i am so very mad that i drove over there for no reason

FURTHERMORE i found out that the date of my real appointment is October 29th-- which is during the time we were going to the beach. and its hard as hell to get appointments at this place so i have to keep this appointment.. so i am HOPING we can move the hotel reservation around a bit to make both things possible because GOD DAMN IT I AM GOING TO THE BEACH DAMN IT DAMN IT DAMN IT.
or maybe i can move my appointment??? fuck i dont know

so tonight i am making brownies (for Macs birthday this saturday)-- and mac and cheese to go with Stan's chicken nuggets

and going to read and journal i think... i wrote like 8 pages in my journal last night.. it felt so goooooood
i cant wait to start using the celtic knotwork decorated journal stan got me next.... i had been saving it for something special...

and i just feel like... this is a very good time in our lives... we are just under a year before the wedding and its exciting .

i have a wedding blog, btw... for anyone who might be reading this blog on its own separately and not just via links from my twitter..

i have found that oriential trader mag that has all the wedding stuff in it and i have requested a NEW one that is current so maybe we can start getting some stuff for the reception!

omg mac and cheese is so good

i am fattie mcphatterson and this weekend i am not going to be eating hardly any of the "game day foodz"

tomorrow i am baking my amazing chocolate chip cream cheese cake thing that i dooooo... i stole the recipe from mom an now it is mineee because i make it better lol

 aaaaaand tomorrow stan is being a designated driver for Mac and his friends... SATURDAY we are going to my parents house and doing the game day thing or whatevs

and then we are going to church on sundayyyyyyyy with my parents
so stan can be at my church and people can be all like well who is this and i can tell them and yayayayayayayay
or... mom and dad will tell them lol i dont talk to people much

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