Tuesday, September 1, 2015

i have like.. 1.5 weeks until the festival on sept12

and i am just sitting here trying not to cry
i dont know what the hell is wrong maybe the panic of the festival was hiding and and it coming down on me all at once and my period started yesterday and i ate some bad peanuts (they tasted good but god damn i dont even... that was hell)

i feel better today but my body hurts from... i dont even want to talk about it.. straining?  and yeah
i dont know

i need to make these elephant necklaces
i need to get a bath and wash this nasty coat of sweat off me
i need to make more cross jewelry but its really had i cant even  i dont know

im not depressed i just feel completely over whelmed  and i want to sleep and read and sleep and i dont know even

this weekend we are going to my parents house so i have to pack for that and we need to take as much as we can for NEXT weekends festival because i think dads truck will be the best to take up to the loading dock

i need to do shit right now but my eyes are so heavy

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